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Fusion Bright 315W CMH Light Bulb 4200K

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CMH lamps are broad spectrum “white” light lamp. MH lamps are predominantly blue spectrum focused and HPS lamps are red/yellow focused whereas CMH lamp technology is broad spectrum based. A CMH lamp has 2.5 times the blue light of an HPS lamp. The 13.4% blue light from CMH lamps is slightly higher than a 50/50 mix of HPS and MH lamps. A CMH lamp has a more uniform spectral output than any other lamp used for plant growth lighting. CMH lamps are suitable for cloning, flowering and vegetative growth.

  • OPEN Fixture rated
  • 1.9 μmol
  • 31,000 lumens (105lm/w)
  • 90CRI
  • 80% PPF maintenance at 10,000 hours
  • Low power consumption

4200k CMH Specs

Technical Specifications


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