SilverStar CMH Reflector 315W

SilverStar CMH Reflector 315W


8" Cool Tube Hood Reflector

Double Ended (DE) Parabolic Reflector 42"

Double Ended (DE) Parabolic 42"
Made for bulbs up to 1000 Watts
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Compact Reflector Specifications:

  • 42" Diameter x 16" Tall
  • Includes double ended light socket and 15' cord
  • Standard universal type cord connector for DE bulbs
  • Accepts DE style MH and HPS bulbs. Note a standard E39/E40 bulb will not work with this reflector
  • cETL Approved Unit.

Package Includes: 

  • 1x Double Ended parabolic reflector with DE socket
  • 1x 15' Lamp Cord
This reflector allows for an even light distribution. With a 1000 Watt bulb, this reflector can cover an area up to 36 Sqft.
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