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Fusion Breath 6 Inch Fan & Filter Kit

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6" Inch 460 CFM Fusion Breath Inline Fan

6" x 16" Carbon Filter 304 CFM (Max)
$189.99 CAD


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$189.99 CAD


These Inline Fans are commercial grade, high-performance fans. The housings are made of steel with a durable powder coated finish. Completely cETL Approved Fan Include mounting brackets with easy to follow instructions. Easily installs in minutes. Save money with a fan & filter combo kit. Everyone you need in 1 kit at a affordable price.

Whats Included

  • 6 Inch Fan
  • 6 Inch Filter
  • Fan Speed controller (optional)
  • Aluminum Tape (optional)
  • Includes 6" Ducting (optional) 12 Feet


Fusion Breath Inline Fan. These inline Fans are commercial grade, high-performance fans. The housings are made of steel with a durable powder coated finish. Completely cETL Approved Fan for quiet operation. Include mounting brackets with easy to follow instructions. Easily installs in minutes.


Technical Specs

  • Voltage: 6 Inch (150mm)
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Frequency: 60 HZ
  • 460 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 673 Pa
  • Power: 174W (+/-10%)
  • Current: 1.45A (+/-10%)
  • Speed: 2780RPM
  • Noise: 60 dB (Max)
  • Weight 5.2 Kg
  • Quietest fan per CFM around.
  • Fully cETL Electrically Approved

150a spec sheet


Filter Technical Specs

  • size 6" wide x 16" tall
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs
  • Connect Flange: 6"
  • Airflow: 304 CFM (+/-5%) (Max)
  • Suitable for: 12m3
  • 50mm carbon bed thickness
  • Life Span of 1.5 to 2 years (Depending on the operating environment
  • Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Safe and Effective Operation
  • Cotton Filter Pad Pre-filter Included
  • Aluminum tops and bases for reduced weight
  • Switchable filter flange and base for long life.
carbon filter spec


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    6" Fan & Filter Kit + 6" Cool Tube Reflector
    Review by DaBiochemiston 2017-03-24
    Absolutely amazing product, shipped immediately in less than 3 days (by puralator, I know I'm surprised as well seeming as they're quite known for delayed, damaged or lost packages). No extensive damage other than slight bending on the cool tube reflectors. Haven't been able to setup it up yet, however I'm positive it'll perform quite optimally.
  • Quality
    Excellent service
    Review by Ckooklaon 2017-02-23
    This was my second purchace from here, and both times I've been extremely happy with free 1 day shipping on my orders, and they were extremely fast to register my order with the post office. They did that almost right away both times, which is very impressive.
    Shows me they care to get the product to you ASAP!!
    As far as the fan/filter go; I've only got to test it, and haven the got the filter in use yet, but I'll update review when I see how much smell it removes.
    The fan works amazingly well though! It moves a crap load of air hard and fast! And when you have a filter and duct work hooked up, there isn't much sound from the fan at all. (Most of the sound comes out of the end of the duct as blowing air noise).
    Oh and as someone else said: there are differences in specs, but the other poster has already put the correct info.
    I actually placed a third order with them already since lol and that was at midnight.....when I checked email this morn, they already had my order registered with the post office again!!!
    5 stars on service every time so far!!!
  • Price
    Good buy for the price.
    Review by Anonymous on 2016-11-02
    Just bought one of these combos, I have to say for the price of $189.99 this is a great buy, this is my second inline fan, my other fan is a vortex.

    I can honestly say that this fan is pushing more air then my vortex HOWEVER it is quite abit louder then the vortex, i ordered this with the ducting tape and the hydroponic ducting, the tape is awesome for its price it's a huge roll, however the ducting is fairly cheap, it doesn't block out a whole lot of sound from the fan, I would personally recommend insulated ducting.

    The filter, well what can I say, it came with the prefilter just as advertised, it seems to be catching all odors, however I had a great deal of trouble fitting the ducting over the flange and I eventually gave up and just taped it, not sure if it was just me buy the Flange seemed a tad to large for the duct to fit over.

    Keep in mind vortex fans cost $250 then plus another $100 for the 6 inch filter, that's $350 I would honestly rather spend the extra $30 and pick up 2 of these kits for $380 with free shipping, the noise isn't awful IF you have good ducting it's very manageable :) hope this helps anyone debating on buying this, it's worth it :)
  • Quality
    Excellent product, excellent price.
    Review by Joeon 2015-04-29
    Some spec are slightly different than those indicated for the fan.
    Spec for the filter are completely different than those above.

    Fan Technical Specs(As indicated directly on the fan label):
    Capacitor: 12uF
    412 CFM
    Power: 150W
    Current: 1.5A
    Speed: 2550RPM
    Noise: 50dB

    Filter Technical Specs:
    Dimension: 24"L x 10"W
    Weight: 22 Lbs
    Connect Flange: 6''/150mm
    Recommended CFM of 550
    Cotton Filter Pad Pre-filter Included

    Fast shipping!
    Buy with confidence!