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Fan Speed Centrifugal Controller 110/120V

$21.99 CAD

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120V Fan Speed Controller

Please note this does not work on a brushless fan (This will not work on an Atmosphere S-LINE fan or any SunCourt fans) 110V/120V



The Speed Control is a must have with any size High-Velocity inline fan to dial in those temps, vent the exact amount of air you need or to greatly reduce the wind noise of your fan. This speed control will reduce the wear on you inline fans and extend the life when the full air flow is not needed and will quiet your fan at the same time!! When used in conjunction with a fan and filter combo it will extend the life of your carbon filter if you do not need the full air flow. Turn the speed down to low in the winter months when full ventilation is not needed and turn to full speed in the summer months when things start to heat up. Using the Airspeed control you can actually get 1 size larger fan and turn it down getting the CFM flow you need. Getting a larger fan and running at the low to medium speed will actually get you the same airflow of the smaller fan but with much less noise.

Design Features:

  • 6' Grounded 3 Prong Cord
  • Fuse Protected
  • Control Switch 3 Settings: Full Speed, Off and Full Speed
  • Infinitely Speed Controllable from low to high speed
  • Grounded control outlet
  • Works on standard household current and plugs in any standard 3 prong household plug
  • 120V only 15 Amp
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • 110V/120V (not 240V compatible)
  • 1-year warranty
  • New in Sealed Box

Please note this does not work on a brushless fan (This will not work on an Atmosphere S-LINE fan, or any SunCourt duct fans)


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by Fredon 2019-02-09
    This FSC works fantastic and these guys ship superfast!!
    I have ordered various items a few times....
    Always without a hitch and extremely fast shipping...ANNNND they are Canadian based!!
  • Price
    unbeatable price
    Review by Michelon 2016-04-06
    this is the classic speed controller so many are selling everywhere .... but here you can have it for less than all others.

    impossible to find a better price on the planet for that item.

    i ordered 2 and they work very good.