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Mars II Led Grow Light 400

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Mars II Led Grow Light 400 ETL Approved

5W single chip high brightness LED can replace any MH/HPS system

Our mars II series lights are use 5w-single chip. All are made by Epistar in Taiwan. All the chips are specially made to ETL standards, which means the highest quality chips are used. This chip makes the light much brighter than any other competitors with higher penetration.

5w chip


Canada's first and only ETL approved LED.

This is not a toy, just look at the weight of this LED.

Mars hydro led grow lights are designed to significantly reduce your costs of growing while ensuring maximum growth from your harvests. Take your garden indoors and grow your favorite plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers all year long with our complete line of LED grow lighting.

Mars II led grow light 400W design uses '10x8' matrix, 80 LEDs, 3'x 3' area, more than replaces any 400W HPS or MH producing a superior yield and higher quality Flowers. If you’re looking to grow fruits or vegetables, the Mars II 400w LED grow lights are your answer. Our affordable, high quality lights are ideal for any indoor garden or hydroponic system. Our LED bulbs are always cool to the touch, never dim and will burn strong for years regardless of how long you leave them on each day.

Technical specification

LED Output Power:80pcs*5watt


Draw Power:170W~200W


Amps:110V/1.8A, 220V/0.88A


Dimension:340x340x90mm(13.4*13.4*3.5 in)




View Angle of leds:90°/120°


Lifespan:50, 000-100, 000 hours




Coverage:3'x3' Standard @24inch


Spectrum:430~440nm, 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, IR, and white


flower spectrum:red, white and infrared


Veg Spectrum:blue and white


Plug Type: Canada, Standard 110V

Height:Germination: 24~30inch; Vegetative:18~24inch

ETL Approved for use in Canada

1 Year Warranty




Flowering :12~18inch.



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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Even better than I expected!
    Review by Paulon 2017-03-08
    Haven't started growing yet but mine arrived today and I'm impressed. Some of the labels English isn't the greatest but my model now has a switch for each light intensity. Each intensity runs one fan rather than both all the time so can be quieter as well as more efficient. I ran the light in a 2x2x4 tent for several hours with a 4in fan at it's lowest setting and there was no noticeable heat even directly in top of the unit, it was basically cool to the touch. Now I may have to find a way to to heat my tent because the lights are so cool!

    Can't wait to start growing!
  • Quality
    Review by Newfieon 2016-12-07
    Got all good things to say about this light...better than I expected . The crew at GLC are A1 . No question was a stupid one. Took time and care with me in getting my medical grow setup. Dont look anywhere else these guys have it all at affordable prices by far !!
  • Value
    Review by Depa420on 2016-03-05
    I bought 2 of these a few months ago to use in a small 6x6 grow room. And I have found they are simply amazing. The results are 100% better then what I expected! Cost was fantastic and s&h was very quick!
  • Value
    bad ass
    Review by Paulieon 2015-10-11
    No frills just a great light.. at a great price compared to other websites that sell 3 watters for wayyyy more.. also was received in 2 days! These guys know their stuff!
  • Quality
    Amazingly Efficient Results!!!
    Review by TripleEon 2015-04-10
    This product is excellent...
    It is quiet and doesn't put out much heat.
    The soil and soilless plants have reacted extremely well to this light.
    The density of the canopies is unreal.
    The inter-nodal length is the best I've seen at 1" increasing yields heavily.
    The foliage is beautiful.
    Only down side is you need special glasses or the light messes with your eyes.