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Mars TSL 2000 Quantum Board Indoor Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

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Mars TSL 2000 Best Indoor Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro

Coverage: 3'X6' for veg, 2x4 for flowering
Average Yield: 1.5g/watt
PPE: 2.2umol/j
Replace HID/MH: 450w
Power draw:300 W±5%@AC120V 298W±5%@AC240V
Product Size: 996MM * 253.32MM * 90.01MM
Spectrum: 660-665nm,3200K-4200K,5200K-6800K
Noise Level: 0 DB
Life Rating: 50000-100000hrs


The Mars Hydro TSL-2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Bar draws 300 watts at the wall and covers up to a  6'x3' area for vegging (4'x2' for flower). This fixture is ideal for a seedling to harvest grow in a grow tent or in a grow room. Use as primary lighting or supplemental lighting.


Technical Specs


Item NO. Mars Hydro TSL-2000
Coverage 3'X6' for veg, 2'x4' for flowering
Max Yield 1.5g/w
Compare to HPS/MH/HID 450 watt
Draw power 300 W±5%@AC120V 298W±5%@AC240V
Spectrum 660-665nm,3200-4200Knm,5200-6800Knm
Chip Brand Epistar
Humidity ≤90%
View Angle of LED 90°-120°
Work Temperature -4°F ~115°F (-20°C ~ 46°C)
Lifespan 50000 hours
Dimension 1070x325x130mm
N.W/G.W 3.56KG/5.48KG
UPC Number 686494418905






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