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Fusion Breath 6 Inch Fan & Filter Kit

Product Review (submitted on November 2, 2016):

Just bought one of these combos, I have to say for the price of $189.99 this is a great buy, this is my second inline fan, my other fan is a vortex.

I can honestly say that this fan is pushing more air then my vortex HOWEVER it is quite abit louder then the vortex, i ordered this with the ducting tape and the hydroponic ducting, the tape is awesome for its price it's a huge roll, however the ducting is fairly cheap, it doesn't block out a whole lot of sound from the fan, I would personally recommend insulated ducting.

The filter, well what can I say, it came with the prefilter just as advertised, it seems to be catching all odors, however I had a great deal of trouble fitting the ducting over the flange and I eventually gave up and just taped it, not sure if it was just me buy the Flange seemed a tad to large for the duct to fit over.

Keep in mind vortex fans cost $250 then plus another $100 for the 6 inch filter, that's $350 I would honestly rather spend the extra $30 and pick up 2 of these kits for $380 with free shipping, the noise isn't awful IF you have good ducting it's very manageable :) hope this helps anyone debating on buying this, it's worth it :)