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Fusion Breath 6 Inch Fan & Filter Kit

Product Review (submitted on February 23, 2017):

This was my second purchace from here, and both times I've been extremely happy with free 1 day shipping on my orders, and they were extremely fast to register my order with the post office. They did that almost right away both times, which is very impressive.
Shows me they care to get the product to you ASAP!!
As far as the fan/filter go; I've only got to test it, and haven the got the filter in use yet, but I'll update review when I see how much smell it removes.
The fan works amazingly well though! It moves a crap load of air hard and fast! And when you have a filter and duct work hooked up, there isn't much sound from the fan at all. (Most of the sound comes out of the end of the duct as blowing air noise).
Oh and as someone else said: there are differences in specs, but the other poster has already put the correct info.
I actually placed a third order with them already since lol and that was at midnight.....when I checked email this morn, they already had my order registered with the post office again!!!
5 stars on service every time so far!!!