Utillian 721 Vaporizer

Utillian 721 Vaporizer

Utillian 420 Vaporizer

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The Utillian 420 features 4 pre-set temperatures, a digital display, and a glass mouthpiece to provide hands down the best budget vaporizer experience. It’s a perfect unit for beginners or for those looking for a cost-effective backup vaporizer. 


The 420 is the newest model in a line of popular dry herb vaporizers from Utillian. The compact curved flask design is pocket-friendly, and extremely comfortable to use.


The 420 features 4 pre-set temperature settings (190C, 200C, 210C, 220C), and a large battery powers an hour of use with 20-second heat up time. Single button operation is simple to use, and a digital screen clearly displays the temperature settings.


A glass mouthpiece screws on top of the conduction style ceramic heating chamber, cooling the vapor and maintaining pure flavor.





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