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  • Versagrow Pot 10 Plants With Pump

Versagrow Pot 10 Plants With Pump

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Versagrow Pot 10 Plants With Pump


Our redesigned VersaGrow system offers the perfect blend of performance and simplicity at a very competitive price.

Regardless of the growth method or media chosen, our VersaGrow hydroponic systems is the ideal tool to obtain a fast, rich and flavourful harvest.

Advantages :

  • Very affordable price.
  • Made of sturdy and resistant recycled plastic.
  • Amazing, high-quality results.
  •  Easy to use and maintain.
  • Space-saving, compact design.
  • Most effective system on the market.
  • Size: 103.5 cm (40.75") long x 38.73 cm (15.25") high - Pot: 3.4L (0.9 gal).


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  • Price
    High Maintenance
    Review by Lordieon 2017-01-01
    This may be the most maintenance intensive system I've used in the last 25 years. The compact footprint and resovoir access is great, but I don't think I could trust the Versagrow to go more than 3 days w/o human intervention. The emitter system is constantly clogging with organics which forces me to blow through many of the hoses every day just to restore minimal flow rates. If I can't resolve this problem soon I'll be going back to my $20 DIY rubbermaid tote system. I'd rather contend with limited resovoir accessiblity on a weekly basis than give the Versagrow ten blowjobs a day just to keep the emitters flowing.