6" Hood Reflector

Wing Reflector

Hydroponic Wing Reflector
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Wing Reflector Specifications:

  • 18" x 18" with wings
  • fully extended 8 folds for maximum light distribution
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highest quality German Aluminum (95% Reflective)
  • Includes light socket and 15' cord
  • Standard universal type cord connector (note this is NOT a standard wall plug)
  • Designed to exact standards for Indoor Gardening
  • Accepts all E39/E40 sizes of MH and HPS bulbs (Please note you NEED a ballast to run MH or HPS bulbs do NOT plug them directly into a wall outlet)
The lightweight design of this wing reflector makes it the best value of all the reflectors we sell. The 95% reflective specular aluminum wings are adjustable, to allow you to adjust the light direction depending on you growing area. Measuring 18" x 18", this reflector allows for an even light distribution. With a 400W Bulb & Ballast this reflector will ideally cover between 9 square feet and 16 square feet. A 600W will cover between 16 and 25 SF. 1000w will cover between 25 and 36 SF
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